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Active Components

CoolMOS (High Power, 500V- 800V)

1. Improved hard communication ruggedness, Hard Switching Behaviour, Reduced Energy stored in output capacitance (500 V Cool MOS), 2. Good Body Diode Ruggedness (600V CoolMOS), 3. Ease of Use and fast in design (CoolMOS 600-650VCE), 4. Easy control of switching behaviour, More efficient, compact, lighter and cooler (CoolMOS 600 & 650V C6/E6) 5. Reduced energy stored in output capacitance, Lower gate charge (CoolMOS 650V, C7) 6. Limited overvoltage overshooting during hard communication- self limiting dv/dt & di/dt, reduced turn on and turn off delay times (CoolMOS 650 V CFDA), 7. Low specific on state resistance, Very low energy storage into output capacitance @400V, Low gate charge (CoolMOS 800-900 V, C3),



INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICSServer Power Supply, HID Lamp ballast
RAILWAYSMotion Control
LIGHTINGLED Light Engines, LED Lamps, Automative LED Lighting,
AUTOMATIVEE bikes, Small Electric Vehicles, Small 1/2 cylinder combustion engine
TELECOMTelecom Power Supply, Smartphone Charger
RENEWABLE ENERGYSolar Energy System, PWM stages for Solar Inverter
CONSUMER ELECTRONICSTV Power Supply, Laptop Adapter, Gaming Consoles, LCD TV.