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Active Components

Discrete IGBT with Antiparallel Diode

1. Lowest switching losses, Highest Efficiency, Soft current turn-off waveform for low EMI, Higher Breakthrough voltage, i.e. is 1350 V min (Third Gen. IGBT). 2. Reduction in switching losses compared to High Speed 3, Low gate drive power requirement (TrenchSTOP 5), 3. Operating range of DC upto 30kHZ, Short Circuit capability of 5µS, Smooth Switching frequency leads to low EMI levels (RC Drive & RC Drives Fast), 4. Low switching losses for higher efficiency, Fast switching behaviour with low EMI emissions, Short Circuit capability (High Speed H3), 5. Lowest switching losses, stable temperature behaviour, Soft current turn-off waveforms, High breakthrough voltage ( TRENCHSTOP for Soft switching)



INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICSInduction Heating, Welding, Motor Control, Drives, Pumps,
RENEWABLE ENERGYSolar Inverter, Solar Boost Stage
CONSUMER ELECTRONICSInduction Cooking Stoves, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Multifuctional Printers, Refrigerator Compressors