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Passive Products

Electrolytic Capacitors

Snap In Type

Available in capacitance rating 47MFD- 68000MFD & Voltage range 10V -600 VDC



INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Power Converters, Welding, Battery Charges, Power Supplies, Elevators, Process Control & Automation, Motor Drives, Porcess Cotrol and Automation Systems, Traffic Lighting, , Instruments, Weighing Scales
TELECOMBTS, Base stations, Shelters, Power Packs, Mobile Handsets, Modems, Routers, Switches, DSLAM,
CONSUMER ELECTRONICSWater Purifiers, Washing Machine, Aircons, Refrigerators, Chillers, Induction Cookers, Television, CCTV
LIGHTINGLED Lighting, CFL and TL Ballasts, Megha Screens and Displays,
RAILWAYSTraction, Signalling and Telecom, Train Lighting, Passenger Information System, Train Describers
RENEWABLE ENERGY Solar - Lanterns, Street Lights, Power Packs, MPPT, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Wind- Inverters, Drives Protection, Hybrid systems