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Passive Products

Leaded Disk Varistors

Leaded Disk Varistors are Available in disk dia. 5, 7, 10, 14 & 25mm from Voltage 11V to 1100V



INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICSPower Converters, Welding, Battery Charges, Power Supplies, Elevators, Process Control & Automation, Motor Drives, Energy Meters, Water Meters, Taxi Fare Meters, Home Automation, ATMs, Cash Dispensars and currency counting machines,Ticketing Machines, Fuel Dispensers and Petrol Pump Automation, Porcess Cotrol and Automation Systems, Traffic Lighting, Instruments, Packaging Machines, Weighing Scales,
TELECOMBTS, Base stations, Shelters, Power Packs,
CONSUMER ELECTRONICSWater Purifiers, Washing Machine, Aircons, Refrigerators, Chillers, Induction Cookers, Television, Micorwave Ovens, Cook Tops and Chimneys,
LIGHTINGLED Lighting, CFL and TL Ballasts, Megha Screens and Displays,
RAILWAYSSignalling and Telecom, Train Lighting, Passenger Information System,
RENEWABLE ENERGY Solar - Lanterns, Street Lights, Home Lights, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Surge and Lightning protectors; Wind- Inverters, Drives Protection,
MEDICAL ELECTRONICSPMS, ECG, EEG, BP & Glucose Meters and Analyzers,
RFIDToll Centres, Turntiles, Asset Tracking, Animal Tracking, Boat Tracking, Fleet Management and Tracking
AUTOMATIVEPower Train, Dash Board, Tail and Head Lamps, Engine Monitoring & Control, RKE, In Cabin Infotainment, Body Electronics,